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Manga to read list posted by Lucien on 03.30.2024
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Manga to read list

[EDITED ON 06.13.2024] Just a quick edit to present you version 3.0 of Skyblue Ash Lynx, featuring the titular character from the amazing shounen-ai masterpiece series Banana Fish -- I should've made a proper entry for this, but I was too eager and couldn't wait; I hope you like it, but any constructive feedback is welcome. Take care, guys. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hi there minna, it’been a (little) while. ^.^
This time, though I’m gonna make up for it with a pretty hefty post on a subject that I think it might be interesting for some people: a list of multi-volumes mangas I plan to read soon; they’re quite a bit, so brace yourselves for the long haul.

The list will be divided in 3 parts: new mangas I bought (either physically or digitally) but have yet to read, mangas that I started reading online and later bought and finally old mangas I want to re-read; I’m gonna begin with the new mangas I haven’t yet started.
  • Seraph of the End :: An on-going series about two childhood friends who find themselves on opposite sides of a war between humans and vampires; I have the physical paper edition of this, which counts 30 volumes.
  • Abe-kun’s Got Me Now! :: An on-going shoujo manga about a girl who falls in love with a rather determined (in everything) karate athlete; I bought this on Kindle and it has (luckily) only 12 volumes.
  • My Boyfriend in Orange :: Another on-going shoujo series about a girl and a firefighter falling in love…so a bit of an age-gap romance (not everyone’s cup of tea, I know); I have the Kindle edition of this, which counts 13 volumes so far.
Now the list of the mangas I bought after partially reading them online — but never went on reading, so I barely recall them and they’re more like new series.
  • Yona of the Dawn :: Another on-going fantasy manga about a girl who fights to take her kindgom back from her cousin, who usurped the throne, with the help of 4 legendary dragons; I read the first 10-12 volumes online and adored it, so I started collecting my local physical edition as soon as it came out which is now at 41 volumes (oh God…LOL).
  • Snowwhite with the Red Hair :: A fantasy manga about a girl who works as a pharmacist and the prince who loves her; I absolutely adored the few volumes of this series I read online, so I hurried to collect its physical edition as soon as it came out — I have 24 volumes with the 25th coming next month.
  • Acid Town :: A yaoi manga about two friends, one of whom is entangled with the Yakuza; I read this series through fan scanlations (over a decade ago now) and *adored* it so I snatched the official Kindle edition, which counts 5 volumes with the 6th coming in June, the moment I saw it on Amazon.
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride :: A fantasy shoujo story of a girl who meet to a monstrous sorcerer, of the relationship between them and her life and adventures in his world of magic and creatures; I read the first couple of volumes online on a friend’s advice, loved it so I bought the available (at the time) Kindle volumes and have been collecting its so far 19 volumes.
And finally the list of (more or less) old series I want to *re-read.
  • Dengeki Daisy :: A completed shoujo thriller mystery series in 16 volumes about a girl, her (not so) mysterious guardian and their quest to solve the mystery of her brother’s death; I picked up volume 1 of this by chance during manga shopping in my local comics store and immediately loved it, so of course it was added to my manga library.
  • Io Sakisaka’s works :: I have “Strobe Edge” (10 volumes), “Ao Haru Ride/Blue Spring Ride” (13 volumes) and “Love Me, Love Me Not” (12 volumes) complete series; I don’t like the latter much (and plan to sell it), but the other two are masterpieces I re-read often.
  • Anatolia Story :: Also known as Red River, it’s a pretty old completed fantasy historical shoujo manga in 28 volumes about a girl who gets transported into the ancient Hittite empire, the love story between her and the prince of the empire and her life and battles in that distant past; I had read and knew about this series long before it was released in my country, so when it did come out I ran to my comics store to get it.
  • Living-room Matsunaga-san :: A completed shoujo series in 11 volumes about the developing love story between a high-school girl who moves into her uncle’s boarding house and one of the tenants; this is another age gap series (the main leads are 8 or 10 years apart…again, not everyone’s cup of tea), but I love how the relationship builds from the ground up — I love it so much that I considered buying the ebook edition despite already having the physical volumes.
  • Defying Kurokasi-kun :: A completed classical high school shoujo in 19 volumes about the enemies-to-lovers love story between a girl and boy known in their school as Black Devil; I read the whole series online (which is why I put it among those I want to re-read) and absolutely adored it, so when I discovered the official english edition on the Amazon Kindle store I immediately bought the whole series.
I also have one more series that I’ve heard a lot about but never got to read and one more that I read online, respectively Say I Love You (completed in 18 volumes) and Nina the Starry Bride (on-going with 11 volumes out of 12 released so far); they’re not in the list because I haven’t bought either series yet.
I’ve actually already begun going through the list (I’ve already re-read Living-room Matsunaga-san and I’ll be re-reading Defying Kurosaki next), so hopefully I’ll be done by the end of the year. xD

As I mentioned, it’s a very long post so thank you to whoever read the whole of it; hopefully it wasn’t too boring. xD Gotta go now, as my dog wants to be let out which means playtime; see you all in next post.
Take care guys, and the happiest Easter to all of you. ♥

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