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Christmas Haul 2023

Hello, it’s been a little while.^.^
At least this time only a couple of months and not an year (or more) passed. xD But without further ado let’s delve into the post: I do this every year, bar a few times, because I love this kind of content and I know it’s the same for lots of people; so, here’s what I got for Christmas 2023.
  • 1 year of Spotify Premium from my mum.
  • A laptop pillow from my dad.
  • A a make-up bag/beauty case from my brother and niece.
  • A mix of chocolate and sweets from my aunt and cousin.
  • A watch ring from my and my mum’s friend.
I’m ever so thankful mum was willing to pay my Spotify renewal this year too, as I really didn’t have the money for that….so thank you, mom. ♥ And by the way, I did get the MacBook Air M2 last January — and it’s been great. ♥♥

Gotta go as my dog is barking like crazy and it’s 12:30 am here; see you all in 2024.
Everybody take care, and my best wishes for the best new year possible. ♥

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