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What I got for Xmas 2022

Hi there, I’m back once again.
I can’t believe I managed - given my actual life - to post twice within this year, but here we are…and next time a new layout is coming (which has yet to be changed since I opened this site two years ago now).

But for now let’s just jump in this year’s what I got for Christmas list - which may not seen much, but for me it’s all absolutely amazing and awesome.
  • 1 year of Spotify Premium from my mum and dad.
  • A manga quiz book from my brother and niece.
  • Chocolates and sweets from my aunt and cousin.
  • A bracelets set from my and mum’s friend.
  • A new MacBook (soon) from myself.
This is the second year my parents gift me Spotify Premium, and I’m super grateful for that (as it’s one subscription less I don’t have to pay for from my pocket); as for the new MacBook, I’m thinking to buy the MacBook Air M2 because I love the new design…for full disclosure, I’m actually still saving for the MBA so I won’t be getting it during these holidays - but rather in January or February at most.

Gotta go now as I’m watching the new episodes of Masterchef Italy’s latest season which I missed the beginning of; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and my best wishes for an awesome new year. ♥

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