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Christmas hauls

Hi there, I'm back. ^.^
This time I won't repeat the same "I promise to be more active from now on" spiel - because let's face it, it'd be a bold-faced lie - but l just won't let the site go forgotten for months on end this year. But now let's move onto the actual blog topic: Christmas "hauls", as in what I got for Christmas....and yeah, there's two because last year I didn't post sh*t about it.

But let's start with the latest 2021 gifts list.
  • 1 year of Spotify Premium from my mum and dad.
  • A snake bracelet from my brother and niece.
  • A velvet bracelet from my aunt.
  • A Death Note mug from my and mum’s friend.
And now the list from 2020 which I forgot to post back then.
  • Two bluetooth keyboards (a Logitech K380 it and an Ajazz 308i en) from my mum.
  • A bed laptop table from my dad.
  • Some sweets & candies from my brother and niece.
  • Some chocolates & sweets from aunt.
  • A black woolen sweater from my and mum’s friend.
My mum used to give me some cash too, but not these times since some of these gifts were pretty costly - not to mention useful, so I'm very, very thankful for all of them.

Gotta go, 'cuz I need to finish watching BBC Merlin on Netflix; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and best wishes of a wonderful year. ♥

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